Why an Exposure Journal?

The Exposure Journal is something that we've wanted to build for a long time. Cancer is the number one killer of firefighters in the United States. If there is anything we can do to help, we want to do so! By tracking the data captured in a journal, we can use that data to:

Our goal is to save lives with technology.

Pure Blue

Pure Blue has been building health-related applications since 2005. We passionately believe that technology can protect us and help us take better care of our selves and those we love. To that end, we have worked on projects for the National Institute of Health, National Institue of Mental Health, Department of Education, University of Oregon and business across the United States. We currently help some of the biggest tech companies in the world solve difficult design problems by taking a systematic approach to problem-solving.

Our Partners

We could not have built the Exposure Journal without the collaboration of the Oregon Safety and Health Section division of the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association. They have been the driving force behind the entire effort.

Contact Us

Need help with the application or want to learn more? You can contact us at any time by emailing dave@exposurejournal.com or by calling 541.335.1832.